Saturday, September 29, 2007

Uh oh! Tory making "Hail Mary" Ads

Earlier this week, Tory was shooting a new set of TV commercials, which are likely to appear soon and be more aggressive than the collection of relatively bland ads the three major parties have released so far.

Campaign observers figure that Tory’s best remaining chance is to send out tougher messages on the Liberal record of broken promises, but even that, they say, might be too little too late.
Right, because showing a sick child or a memorial for a murdered teenage woman wasn't "tough" or "aggressive" enough?

One has to wonder what is in the wings and waiting to hit Ontario airwaves any moment now. Late in the election campaign, pundits predicting a Liberal win, nothing is sticking with voters and a leader that is failing to inspire people -- the year "1993" has to be on the minds of those close to John Tory right now.

Will the ads be nasty? Will they focus on John Tory's record? Will they focus on McGuinty's record or will they sink to levels not seen since 1993 when John Tory himself was responsible for Canada's most cruel election attack ad?

"Not only were the ads unsustainable, but we gave our opponents a huge club to beat us with. To use the football metaphors so beloved by John Tory, I realized that we were losing with seconds left in the game, but (this) 'Hail Mary' pass was neatly intercepted by Chr├ętien's line, 'God made me this way.' I was disgusted. I instructed that the ads be pulled as soon as possible. John and Allan were furious, but no more so than I," former Prime Minister Kim Campbell wrote in her memoirs about the ads mocking Jean Chretien's face.

The next few plays by John Tory will likely be his final 'Hail Mary'. However, I think it's fair to predict that it will be other references to religion that will have defeated Tory's dream team.

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