Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harper setting the bar

I suspect he's just aiming low and hoping to fire high.

Stephen Harper says the possibility of another minority government is "very high".

It's an interesting strategy. Set the expectations low and not be over confident. It might work for Harper as he tries to sell his party once more to Canadian voters.

However, I suspect he is hoping this strategy of setting low expectations does work. Really hoping. Not so much for his party but for his own political career.

Stephane Dion can afford to hold the Conservatives to a slim minority government once but I question how well that would sit with Conservatives. Harper would have been leader through four elections by that point.

Anything short of a near majority or a majority itself would likely be seen by most people as a disappointing reflection on Harper's leadership skills. Four elections, no majority.

Harper is just setting the tone right now for the possibility of failure because another Conservative minority would be considered just that -- a failure. Not for his party but rather his ability to lead his party.

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