Thursday, September 27, 2007

They just QUIT?!?! That's it?

The head of a national pro-family organization says it's time to ditch the fight against gay marriage and push instead for tax breaks and other incentives to make marriage and child rearing more attractive options.
Fair enough but why did they throw in the towel?
Dave Quist, executive director of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, said Thursday he has become less concerned about same-sex marriage since census figures released earlier this month demonstrated how rare gay marriage is.
Are you kidding me? I think it has more to do with the fact that, despite what they tried to tell us, the gay apocalypse has yet to strike.

Seriously, they quit because same sex marriage isn't that popular? So they were only fighting tooth and nail all those years because they were concerned that every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Sally) from St. John's to Tofino was going to suddenly turn gay, line up at the altar and get married after the legislation passed?

I thought they were in this fight because it was a matter of principal, not numbers.

They've just finally realized that it's a losing battle and Canadians have accepted this issue. Unfortunately, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada can't admit that publicly.

So if you're in a common-law relationship, look out they're coming after you next.
Quist said the institute is now more concerned about the increasing popularity of common-law relationships in Canada, and that it would rather spend its time and resources encouraging measures to strengthen the institutions of marriage and the family.
The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada can't even win a battle against 7,465 same-sex couples, I wish them all the best in their next crusade ... limiting the rights of 1,376,865 common-law couples!!

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